Membership Form

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Conatct Number
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Any person shall be entitled to become a member of the society, if he or she -:

  • i) Has full faith in the objects of the society.
  • ii) Has attained the minimum age of 18 years.
  • iii) Is in Indian citizen.
  • iv) Is having a sound mind & has not been convicted under Indian penal code.

The subscriber to this Rules & Regulations shall be the first life member of the society.

There after life members shall be such persons we have contribute of sum or Rs 5,100/-(Rupee Five Thousand One Hundred Only) to the fund of the society. Any such member can be enrolled only with the consent of at least tow third of the Majority of life members.

A life member can member can be expelled by two third majorities in the meeting of life member only. A life member shall be entities to nominate any person, otherwise entitled to be a member of the society, however, such nomination will be subject to the approval of executive committee and will be effective only after the death of the member, Such nominated member need not only any life membership fee.

Any person contributing at least Rs 1,100/- (One Thousand One Hundred only) per annum to the membership fund of the society shall be the general member of the society with consent of the executive committee accorded with at least two third majority.

Every member should by loyal and faithful to the society and shall not use the income or assets of the society for this personal us.

A personal shall cease to be the member of the society under following circumstances-:

  • i) If he or she dies or resigns.
  • sii) If he settles abroad permanently.
  • iii) If he becomes a man of uns.
  • iv) If he acts against the objects of the society.
  • v) If he is convicted by any court or for moral turpitude and is sentenced.
  • vi) If his name is struck off by the executive committee with at least two third majority.